Marquette Savings Bank Project

The Project

Marquette Savings Bank, Northwest PA

Marquette Displays

“The project was brought to us in late 2015 and initiated by Engel & O’Neill”, an ad agency, noted Jay Scalise, President of Scalise Exhibits.  “Working with Marquette Savings Bank on the MPowered branding and imaging ad campaign, they knew the Point of Sale display units were something we could do very well”.

The Process

Once their participation began with the project, Scalise worked closely with Marquette management listening to their needs, goals and requirements. A set of frames needed to be placed between each bank teller in the lobbies of 10 branch locations, each frame containing 2-sided graphics with various messages and informational aspects of the MPowered program including the many services offered by the local bank.

“We went through a few prototypes varying the size”, continued Jay. “We had to look at the functional and aesthetic elements of the displays”. The graphics and messages needed to be displayed on both sides, and literature pockets needed included as well. The functionality or ability to replace and change the graphics was imperative. This would fulfill the bank’s need for an economical display system, saving them money over many years while keeping content current.

The Finished Product

A unique french gray powder coat was selected as it blended with the earth tones of the bank lobbies and complemented the predominant blue in the branding campaign. The double-sided graphic frames were hinged to be flexible for each bank and making content easily visible. The tops of the frames are simple to remove, so the posters can be replaced by Marquette when updates or revisions are required. “They have just completed their first update in 2016” commented Scalise.

“I found Scalise to be highly collaborative. Our ideas were heard, yet structural and designs concerns were voiced and solutions provided when encountered.  A true collaboration. We ended up with a complete custom POS system that is not only highly functional but affordable for the long term, enabling us to sustain the program well into the foreseeable future.

My thanks to all for your exceptional work and delivery on time for the launch of our Mpowered™ campaign.”

~Pete Sitter, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Marquette Savings Bank

Why Choose Us?

“Every project or display we do is unique”, concluded Jay. “We always draw on our many years of combined experience, listen to the client and learn what’s required. The Marquette displays were no exception to this. The long term functionality of the displays was a good economical investment for them”.

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