Trade shows in foreign countries always present different challenges depending on what part of the world you are travelling to. In a recent blog we discussed one of our adventures in Mexico. Today we take you to Novokuznetsk, Siberia in Russia for a mining trade show.

Russian Customs are known for being very thorough especially with packages coming from the West. Most of our equipment came through intact however we had an overhead sign with flexible aluminum tubing that after being pulled apart by customs agents, was put back together without all of the tubing necessary to assemble it at the show.

Novokuznetsk is approximately 4,000 km east of Moscow and although it hosts a population of nearly 500,000 people, it does not offer the many comforts that the U. S. offers like Lowe’s, Home Depot or even exhibit houses like the one we found in Mexico City. In other words, with a short timeframe to set up our client’s booth, there were no easy resources to tap to find flexible tubing for our sign. We instead went in search of anything that may work inside and outside of the trade show venue. We finally found some flexible PVC tubing that our owner Jay eventually cut and braided to match the correct diameter in order to assemble the frame. Once the frame was assembled the fabric sign slipped over the frame covering any evidence that anything had been fastened from different materials.

Making due when you don’t have a lot to work with is a specialty of ours and we are always glad to help our clients in the most difficult situations!