It’s the day before the big trade show opens. Your booth is setup, your materials are ready and your UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has been hung above your booth to really set your booth apart from the others at this show. Perfect—time for lunch! So, what happens when that expensive drone crashes down causing serious damage to itself and you’ve got 12 hours to get it fixed? Jay Scalise, owner of Scalise Experiential Marketing, can answer this one, as he was working for a client when this exact scenario played out.

Several years ago at an Aerospace Industry trade show in Orlando, FL, Jay was subcontracted to help supervise the setup, as he often is. A separate company had been contracted to rig the functioning drone 20’ above the booth and all seemed to go as planned. The crew left for lunch but Jay stayed behind to finalize the setup when the fairly large UAV crashed down. Luckily, nothing and no one was hurt except the drone. It sustained some frame damage and the nose was smashed so with more than 30 years of experience in handling trade show crises’, Jay got right to work. He put together a list of items that he knew would allow him to make the necessary repairs and sent a crew member off to the local big box store.

Jay worked until midnight making the repairs. Early the next morning, the paint had dried and the drone was re-hung using a much stronger clamp system ensuring the UAV would stay safely elevated over the booth for the show. No one could tell that just 12 short hours ago, the UAV lay lifeless and damaged on the ground.

Many people would think this was above and beyond the call of duty that day but Jay took the incident in stride as he always does. “No matter what happens, you have to find a way to make it work. That’s our job.” And they make sure it is done right every time no matter what the scenario is.